The Evolving Screen Printing Industry In NYC

The New York screen printing industry has vastly grown in the recent years. It has started off as a small industry with very little competition, and has evolved tremendously. What once took hours to set up and cost thousands of dollars, now takes minutes and cost as little as one hundred dollars. In the past setting up a multi color job would require much more than what the naked eye sees.  Whether it was hand drawing artwork, scanning the artwork, separating the artwork, preparing the screens, aligning the screens, or printing each color manually the process took lots of time. Today with the use of software and alignments methods the time is substantially shorter and time is money.

There are many screen printing companies located in the greater New York area, but each is unique in its own way. If you do a quick Google search for “screen printing in NY”, you will notice that there is variety of different companies. Typically you will find that some of these results are a useful source of information for learning how to screen print. There might be some tutorials teaching the ins and out, or some companies trying to sell you their screen printing supplies. Finally you will find companies who offer their screen printing services to you.

Companies such as Ryonet offer both supplies to the industry, as well as offer many tutorial lessons. Besides for the fact that they can be considered the largest screen printing wholesaler in the US, they post up loads of videos to help fellow screen printers (novice and experts) learn the do’s and don’ts.

The most common results that you will find are companies looking to screen print items and garments for you. For example, if you are looking to have some shirts printed for your school’s athletic department you might come across a company that specializes in t-shirt printing (like ours), which prints basic plastisol inks on the basic every day t-shirts. If for example you are interested in making your own clothing line, you might come accross companies which use water base inks and offer specialty printing. Specialty printing and water base printing is all about the feel of the print once it is printed. Some clothing lines are based all about puff paint, which puffs once it is run through the dryer. On the other hands, water base paint is very thin and when rubbed can barley be felt.  Generally speaking, water base inks are used for clothing lines and more fashionable items.

Whether you are trying to learn, looking to buy supplies, or starting your own clothing line in NY – Screen Printing  in NYC is what you should search.

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