T-Shirt Sayings That Will Make You Laugh

Every day people wake up in the morning and wear the clothes that make them feel good about their mood and lift their spirits.  For many people the clothes that make them feel well are t-shirts, and who can blame them?  So many t-shirts have the best pictures, sayings and colors.  T-shirts are comfortable and make you feel good!

Some of the best t-shirts are ones with funny quotes and sayings.  T-shirt sayings are funny, witty and great for lifting up your spirits and people around you.  A funny quote and saying on a t-shirt, plastered on a person’s chest, will bring a smile to so many people’s face.

So why not get a t-shirt with a saying that will put a smile to your face on instant, maybe even withdraw a giggle or an outright laugh from you and other people around you.  T-shirt sayings are wonderful icebreakers – so don’t be shy and get yours!


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