Screen Printing Tip Of The Day: Printing On Sleeves & Sweatpants

The difference between an at home screen printer and a professional successful screen printer is the ability to adapt to your enviorment and meet customer requirements. Many times customers ask us, screen printers, to pint on other garments and other items. More off than not, customers will request a sleeve print or a print down the leg of a sweatpants.

Printing on the sleeve or down the leg is actually quite easy if you think about it. It’s pretty much the same as printing on the front of a shirt or sweatshirt, but in a different location. In order to print, you will need a special pallet for your press. Usually the pallet is either one long pallet (about a few inches wide by 24 inches long) or is a double pallet that has two of these long pallets side by side (sort of like a long U). Set up your film to expose on a 23×31 screen and align it according to your pallet. Once the screen is ready you can set it up on the press like you normally set up your jobs. One, two, or three colors doesn’t matter, it’s just a matter of aligning colors.

Now your screens are set up so its just a matter of printing the garments. Grab your squeegee (mine is about 5″ wide) and flood your screen. On the sleeve you can just go ahead and print, but for sweatpants the procedure is a bit different. Since the pants are made up of cotton and polyester, you should preheat the garment by flashing it before the print. The reason you need to preheat it is so allow the garment to slightly shrink before the 1st color is laid. This allows for proper alignment of any further colors being laid.
Now it’s time to go ahead and print your custom shirts, sweatpants and other garments.

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