Screen Printing American Flag T-Shirts – Classic

Since we’re nearing the Fourth of July, it’s only appropriate to speak about the American flag t-shirt. I’m sure almost every screen printer has printed the American flag tee one time or another, I know have plenty of times.

Brooklyn Screen Printing

Printing the American flag is quite simple, it usually involves just white and red ink on a navy shirt, or red and blue on a white shirt. On the most part the blue gets knocked out to be the color of the shirt, or vice versa with the white. Typically we print the flag over some letters, for example for the world cup we printed the flag through the words USA.

But the most common in flag t-shirt in NY is to print is the FDNY and serves as station shirts for local fire departments. The shirt is basically the FDNY letters printed on a navy shirt, with the blue knocked out to the navy shirts and white start with red and white strips to the right. In the front we generally print the Maltese Cross with the letters

Screen Printing For FDNY in Brooklyn

FD on one side and NY on the other, while on the inside we print the station number, engine number, or latter number.

Finally, one of the classics is the simple t-shirt with the basic American flag imprinted on the front. As you can see in the image below, we actually distressed the flag and printed navy, red & white ink – just to give the shirts the real flag look. These type of shirts are typically printed for retail purposes and sold tourist stores. Screen Printed American Flag T-Shirt

If your interested in a Brooklyn Screen Printing company for your fire station, store or next event – don’t hesitate to contact us.


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