Picking Memorable Quotes for T-Shirts


Finding the right catchphrase to have plastered on your t-shirt is no easy decision.  To some it is as permanent as deciding what tattoo to have inked onto their body.  These decisions are not to be made lightly, and should always be made when your mind is clear and sober.

Picking the right quotes for you t-shirts collection is an important reflection on yourself.  You want to choose the sayings that have made you memorable to your friends and coworkers.  Ones that make people laugh with you, NOT at you.  You want quotes that are catchy and that people will want to use.

If you need examples of sayings that make good quotes for t-shirts just look at the jersey shore cast.  Between their various antics the members of the house have come up with so many famous sayings that you cannot run away from.  ”Cabs Are Here,” “Meatball Problems,” “Yeah Buddy,” etc.  are all sayings that are simple, funny, and catchy.  They fit on a t-shirt and leave everyone who sees them laughing!!


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