Perfect T-Shirts for Women

There is no shame in admitting it ladies, the Jersey Shore has made it very obvious which guys they love the most, and many of you want the same thing!  You want those big, meaty, Italian Gorillas from the Seaside.

As Snooki has said countless times, she wants to find herself a Guido Gorilla and have little babies with him, and she has found her Gorilla so now it is your turn.  From what we have seen takes place on the Shore, Gorilla’s seem to like crazy, outgoing, and straight to the point kind of girls, so publicize what it is you want.

This I Love Gorilla Juiceheads T-Shirt is the perfect shirt to choose from the variety of t-shirts for women on the market today.  Not only is it nice and form fitting, it might actually get you the Gorilla’s attention!


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