Funny Clothes to Brighten Any Dull Moment

The gym has become one of the most popular places to sign up too.  Besides for the constant need to look good and fit, shows like the Jersey Shore have made it feel like anyone who goes to one is being cool.  Now imagine seeing a juice head gorilla, who actually prides himself in all the weight training he does, wearing a shirt like the one depicted above.  Tell me that would not make you stop in your tracks and LMFAO!

Funny clothes brighten up any situation.  Whether you are at the gym or at work or just walking down the street, if you are wearing a funny t-shirt your day is going a little better than the person next to you.  You make the people around you laugh, and you can’t help but smile regardless – an automatic win-win for you.

So get your funny clothes today.  Funny t-shirts and shirts are waiting for you.  They want to be worn and they want to make people laugh.  So be the good person who brightens up so many people’s day just by wearing a funny piece of clothing, it is that easy!


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