Brooklyn Screen Printing – Party Favors and Much More

Brooklyn New York is an area that is populated with a very large community of Jewish people. Among many of the Jewish population, it is customary to Bar Miztvah their sons or Bat Miztvah their daughters upon entering the adult life. At this time Ina young man or woman’s life it’s believed that the “kid” now takes responsibility for his or her own actions. They are responsible for their own sins as well as merits. It can be said that this is “when a boy becomes a man”.

The Jewish families living in Brooklyn, generally upper middle class, almost always throw a huge festival for the Bar / Bat mitzvah. Being Jewish I can tell you these events are lots of fun and very festive.

As you may assume, these events call for fun and amazing party favors. This is where screen printing gets tied in. Among the many favors you can give out, many families choose to give out printed t-shirts. Since we are located in the heart if Brooklyn, this means loads of business for us. The average order is about 100-200 t-shirts with a 1-2 colors print. (Very easy to print)

But today we did something a bit different. Recently a customer came in and requested for us to print on some socks, 100 pairs to be exact. Now you would think, who would even see the print on a – it’s in your shoe! That’s the thing would boggle most peoples mind. Well there’s a perfectly reasonable explanation. Girls you should know this! When you are at a wedding, Bar Mitzvah, Bat Mitzvah etc, you will almost always wear heels. After an hour or two of standing on your feet, they start to get a bit soar. Therefore giving out socks to all the ladies will solve a lot of problems. Instead of wearing heels, you wear a pair of socks! This is why having a cute print on the front isn’t such a bad idea.

Little do most people know, but the Brooklyn screen printing industry has a big market.

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