A Crazy T for a Crazy Town

Think of the place you came from.  Think of the people in the town you were born in.  Think of those ridiculous people who always know what is happening in your life before you even do.  As much as all these things bother you, and annoy you, you can not help having a nice mushy sentimental feeling for the town you come from, and as crazy as the people and the town is, you love ‘em!

This ladies t-shirt is the perfect crazy t to show off how you feel about the place you come from.  With all the craziness that goes on there, and all the crazy people, you will always go back if you moved away and you can not imagine raising your kids anywhere else.

So, show off your love with this crazy t for your crazy town.  There is no way to go wrong with it, and no way you or your fellow townspeople will not laugh about it!



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